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Main Feature
Turn Your Tabular Data into Meaningful Visualization
No need to set up or connect other tools to your data source when it comes to visualization process. Your dataset in My Data is now ready-to-use source for visualization. Xplorer will help you to create your own Dashboard to translate tedious data into more readable data that will serve your business needs.

Xplorer is a tools that enables you to visualize your dataset into wide variety options of chart, such as line chart, pie chart, bar chart, geomap chart, and, many more. Drag and drop experience will ease the process while you chose your data source and your style of chart.
Share Your Dashboard with Your Team
You can share your own Dashboard to other user within your Company. Do you want to let other team see your work? Volantis allows you to grant access in view mode only. Do you want to create Dashoard collaboratively with your team? Volantis also allows you to grant access with edit mode so you can create one Dashboard together with your team. Volantis has sharing permission rules that will enable you to work with anyone across the company with certain access rules.
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