Simplify all data processing in a single canvas
using drag-and-drop data pipeline tools

Main Feature
Transform Multiple Data Sources
to Serve Your Business Needs
Volantis Pipeline allows you to merge and modify multiple data source from different formats and sources with drag and drop experience.

Our Pipeline will let you to filter, join, pivot and aggregate one or multiple data source from different format. So Volantis Pipeline allows you to merge and modify your My SQL table, XLS and CSV table in one canvas with couple clicks.
Incorporate Multiple Data Sources from Different Type of Format into Ready-to-Use Dataset
Now you have your data sources transformed by Volantis Pipeline. Then how to utilize those dataset? Volantis Pipeline will automatically turn your dataset into API-ready, which means you can consume your dataset through API.

No need to worry about API endpoint creation because not even single line of code is needed. There is no need in mastering the capabilities in software engineering field to create the API. Now everyone can transform existing data into powerful ready-to-use source without dependency towards other division.
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