Case Study
Discover how industries use Volantis’ platform to accelerate their business and benefit their institution.
GGF - Agriculture Analytics & Yield Forecast
GGF has been using Volantis Platform to predict, yield and use the power of predictive analytics to optimize their plantation. We leverage human data & sensor data (IOT) to feed data for AI. By using Volantis, currently GGF can access near-real-time information and make better decision that are not only data driven but also AI driven.
Angkasa Pura - Aviation Analytics & Data Monetization
Angkasa Pura II (APII) collaborates with Volantis to unlock the potential of big data in aviation from various departments and systems. Now APII is able to maximize their big data to support business and also to monetize their big data to airlines and brand by providing airport & aviation relevant insights through a platform named AiroSight.
BULOG - Sistem Informasi Pangan Nasional (SIPN)
Bulog collaborates with Volantis to monitor the supply and demand of rice production and consumption in order to create faster and accurate decision. Those objectives can be achieved by consolidating many application from “Data Sawah Produktif”, “Data Panen”, “Data Stok di Gudang” and “Data Harga Pangan di Pasar”.
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