Volantis IQ
Unified Data Platform

We build unified data platform to empower business and institution through machine learning and AI. Maximizing the value of your data, is now just a few clicks away.

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What We Do
Unify All Your Data in One Place
No need to worry about all the scattered data in your company anymore. Volantis IQ helps business and institution around the globe to solve data unification problem by providing modern data unification platform that automatically connects to multiple data sources in real-time and dynamically updates your data model to serve the evolving needs of your business.
Transform Your Data into
Standardized Format
Say goodbye to all the stress coming from combining all your data that varies in different format. Volantis Data Pipeline is a part of Volantis IQ that helps business to clean and combine all your data from different sources and in different format that are already stored in our ecosystem, and seamlessly transform them into single, standardized format.
Turn Your Data into
Production-Ready API
Imagine how much power you have if you can make all your data ready to produce into anything you want, in such a little time and resources. Volantis IQ enables you to transform your data easily, and also make them into ready-to-use dataset by generating API on top of it.
Visualize Your Data, Beautifully
Ever been so frustrated because you have all the data in your hands but fail to present them in attractive design? Volantis Xplorer, a part of Volantis IQ, helps you transform your data into a stunning chart within just a few minutes. In just a few clicks, you can transform your data into meaningful charts that are appealing and easy to understand to your audiences.
Maximize the Value of Your Data
Now, you can confidently make any business decisions that can meet your company’s objectives more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Volantis Machine Learning Studio help business build and deploy machine learning model under 15 minutes with our drag-and-drop interface, collection of hundred pre-trained model and single click production-ready deployment.
What They Say
  • Danny Kosasih

    Vice Chairman of Innovation Permanent Committee at KADIN

    Based on my experience I’d like to describe Volantis as a combination of expertise, technology savvy, and reliable people that helps to do the job for me: optimizing data for decision making.

  • William Henley

    Founder, Owner - IndoSterling Capital

    Volantis is bringing us a complete solution and at the same time simplifying all the data related process. Above all the most important pinpoints, businesses are now shifting faster from intuition-based decisions into data-driven decision making.

  • Dr. Hasanudin Abdurakhman

    Researcher, Writer & General Manager at Multinational Corporation

    Volantis enables quick and easy data visualization that provide comprehensive insight for business decisions. Inside, artificial intelligence is continuously working to provide real-time auto inspection, audit, reminders, fraud detecting, delivering benefits of millions of smart advisors.

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